2010/10/20 0:01 に Yokohama Ocean Toastmasters Club が投稿   [ 2020/08/01 7:20 に更新しました ]
On October 13th, the 2nd regular meeting of Yokohama Ocean Toastmasters Club (YOTMC) took place at Kanagawa Roudou Plaza.

Hi! I'm Taka, who is a Toastmasters of Evening (TMOE) at that meeting. At the meeting, there were many new challenges for me. I tried three roles for the first time: Opening by President in English, TMOE and Word of the Evening. Fortunately, 4 non-TM guests and 11 Toastmasters participated in the meeting and watch my challenges warmly. I'd like to say "Thank you".

My opening speech was about the policy on Yokohama Ocean Toastmasters Club. I emphasized this club was not an English conversation school and club. We have no teacher and no class. We can learn "how to use" English, not English itself. Each of members are teachers and also students. So that, we keep one phrase important, that is "Give and Take". When you become the member of our club, you can "take" good information, but also you need to "give" some useful information to companions. Oh, I'm heating up! I have to tell you about whole of the meeting.

President gave the control of the meeting to today's TMOE. I had the two roles: TMOE and a Word of the Evening. The word is "active". Guests' and supporters' activeness drove them to join the meeting. And then time of role introduction, I appreciate helper's cooperation, but especially I'd like to applaud  vote counter TM S and Grammarian TM O because they gave us explanation of each role in English for the first time. All of helpers prepared the explanation and told us fluently and clearly.

In prepared speech session in English, we had two speakers as known as an expert. First speech by TM T was a heartwarming story telling about her husband. Her English was "kind" to understand, I think, because of  her charming smile. I guess many listeners thought they wanted to be a such a couple as well as her. Second speaker was TM Y. He is one of my favorite speaker" It is because he is so funny. At that time, he tried humorous speech for coming speech contest. (He won the contest and go to next level contest. Congratulation!) I'd like to point his title was excellent. It was key word of his speech and it made sense as his speech went on. We had both feeling surprised and satisfied.

Moreover, two experts, TM O and TM F, of toastmasters evaluated speakers and general things. If I was evaluator, I have couldn't find improvements. However, they did find proper improvements and advised them. I was surprised at TM O's handshakes. It was so strong and made me impressed, just by a handshake! He suggested to TM Y that he should have use a pause for improving his speech. We tend to forget a "pause" about not only speech but also our ordinal life.


Fさんの論評をしたのがHさんは今回の例会で私のBest Toastmasterですね!


最後の受賞者発表の時は素敵でfunnyな話をされたYさんがBest Speaker、鋭い指摘をして次のコンテストですぐに使える役立つ論評をしたOさんがBest Evaluator、そして日本語のTable Topicに馴染みがない中でチャレンジしたTさんがBest Table Topic Speakerを受賞されました。




(今夜のトーストマスター TM Taka)