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246回通常例会(2021 28 日)記録246回通常例会、いつもの通り会長S木さんのOpeningからスタート☆ 昨日見に行かれたというラグビー試合の写真を盛り込んだビジュアルエイドを上手に使って例会の雰囲気を盛り上げていきます。そして今日は、新メンバーGさんの入会式!イングリッシュスピーカーであるGさんの入会で、ますます横浜オーシャンTMCの英語セッションが充実してくるはず。とても楽しみですね!


前半は日本語セッション。今日の言葉はK寺さんからの「桜梅桃李(おうばいとうり)」。桜梅桃李とは、桜、梅、桃、李(すもも)のこと。 転じて、それぞれが独自の花を咲かせること。春らしい素敵な言葉ですね。準備スピーチは我らが師匠Hさん。タイトル「トントン、トントン」。内容も構成も素晴らしく、さらにボーカルバラエティやジェスチャーもオンラインならではの技を豊富に使い、「もらったきっかけをどう活かすかはあなた次第。大事にしよう」とうメッセージ性の高い心にグッとくるスピーチで、さすがの一言!!その論評をするのはI岡さん。高レベルのスピーチの論評は改善点を探すのが難しいのですが、スピーチ内容、擬音語、構成の良い点を述べた後で、感情表現をオーバーリアクションのほうが特にオンラインでは聴衆の心に残りやすいかもしれないというコメントをされていました。


1.       一番のお花見の思い出は?W松が、US出向における花見の思い出をスピーチ。

2.       新年の目標の達成状況は?Pさんが、今年の目標「日本語上達」の進捗をスピーチ。

After a short break, the second half of the meeting proceeds in English. Word of the morning is “Cherry” introduced by TM YK. It is a good choice in this season as the pink carpet of cherry blossom has been rolled out up to Yokohama area.

The 1st prepared speaker is TM MT. Her speech title is “let’s see your future together” per Pathways of Presentation Mastery. Her English is easy to follow and understand. Her speech itself included her personal experience from the office, which made us touched as well as motivated to think how we could positively change ourselves and influence others. The wording “See his future together” she used in her speech was very memorable and emotional. The evaluator for the TM MT’s speech is TM P. This is his first time to take an evaluation role in TMC, but he clearly pointed out several practical good points while managing his nervousness.

Table Topics in English was led by TM KI. The table topics are not easy but should be a good exercise of our right brain as he said.

1.Please share your experience where the 1st impression was bad but it became good later. TM S shared his experience from the office in details. Yes, the more you get to know, the more you like the person, and your mind and attitude can be influenced and changed in a positive way.

2.Do you recently graduate from something? It went to TM MT, and she spontaneously made a nice speech. I like her idea that the concept of graduation is the start to another stage.

3.Do you have any recommendation place for Cherry blossom viewing? TM YK share his favorite spot, Arakurayama Sengen Park in Kawaguchi-ko area.

4.Do you have any coming-back story? It went to VP TM KS. Although it was a challenging question, he made a good speech from a TV drama he and his wife were watching.

5.Are you interested in electric vehicle (EV)? TM SW made a wonderful educational speech. It figured. She works in car industry J we learned how much EV is beneficial such as environment friendly, acceleration, driving feel etc.

総合論評はVPEWさん。いつものことながらロジカルな構成で、「今日例会はBeing flexibleが突出していた」とflexible沿った総合論評をされました。

そして受賞者の発表です♪ Best English TTSさん、ベスト論評者はI岡さん。そしてベストスピーカーはH田さんが選ばれました!おめでとうございます♪♪