第269回通常例会/Regular Meeting No 269

2022/03/19 2:47 に Yokohama Ocean Toastmasters Club が投稿   [ 2022/05/08 5:34 に更新しました ]
Meeting was called to order by our president TM KE. Today we had 4 guests.
At first, we had an induction ceremony for new member, Mr. O. He works on fashion business which is totally new for Yokohama Ocean TMC, I felt new movement will start from today.

Then control had passed to toastmaster of the morning (TMOM) TM MK who participate St Peterburg TMC yesterday. Although we had some role change but TM K adjusted flexible and she made role explanation with todays helpers. (Timer TM SW, Vote Counter TM MK, Grammarian & Ah Counter TM HK(English) TM AS(Japanese),Record Keeper TM KI)

In beginning word of the morning was introduced by TM KS as “indispensable (欠かせない)” 

Today we have one English prepared speaker – TM SA. His speech title was “Grateful words”
He expressed the importance about mentoring with his own experience and how he entered Toastmasters world with excellent body language.

Next we moved to Table topic session. Today’s T/T Master was TM MK. She asked interesting questions and answered effectively as following. 
Q1 What is the tips to continue something? – make a new friend and mentally toughness by TM AZ(guest)
Q2 What is your recent topics? – Long business trip to Phillipine from April by TM HK
Q3 What is your favorite words or quotes? – 不撓不屈 by Mr. S (Guest)

Then, evaluation speech was made for TM SA’s speech by TM GR with efficient analysis of his speech.


1人目のスピーカーはKSさんです。題名: オンライントレーナーへ向けたプランとして、Pathways のレベル5の難しいテーマについて、ご自身のプロフェッショナリズムを感じさせる内容を上手くお話させていました。

2人目のスピーカーはEAさんです。題名: 日本のアパレル業界で、過去にご自身が作成されたPod Castの一部をご披露頂き、Pod Cast作成のススメと過去の自分の話に「えーっと」が多かった事をお話されていました。


Q1 東日本大震災以降、気にするようになったこと? - 水・非常用リュックの準備 by TM KE
Q2 今年達成する予定のコミットは?- Division Director への立候補 by TM O (guest)
Q3 あなたの勝負服とその理由は? - 新宿のバーバリーで買ってもらった派手な服 by TM SW



Best Table Topic Speaker : TM HK
ベスト日本語テーブルトピックスピーカー:TM SW
Best Evaluator : TM MW
Best Speaker :  TM SA

最後に会長のKEさんによる閉会挨拶とともに本日の例会は無事に終了しました。このように横浜オーシャントーストマスターズクラブは基本的に第二第四日曜日の午前中に日英の二言語を交えて世界中の多様な仲間とアットホームな雰囲気で楽しく学んでいます。またしばらく海外旅行は難しそうですから、もし私たちの仲間に加わって一緒に楽しみたいなと思ったらお気軽にお問い合わせフォームから見学をお申込みください。あなたの参加を待っています。YOTMC meeting is regularly held in every 2nd and 4th Sunday Morning 10:00 – 12:00 (JST). Our member came from all over the world with wide variety backgrounds.  Since oversea sightseeing trip is difficult, if you interest to join us, why not sending inquiry via our website etc. We are looking forward to welcome you to have fun together!